How to deal with heat inside the truck?

How to deal with heat inside the truck?


How to deal with the heat in the truck? The Importance of protection and hydration. The sun's rays can cause serious eye and skin problems, which must be adequately protected. Then use a protector solar to adequately defend the body from the sun's rays and use the suitable sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Another important element for those who drive several hours under the sun is the correct hydration. Drink a lot of water to regulate body temperature, but also to prevent dehydration from causing serious problems such as exhaustion and heat stroke.

The right kit to beat the heat

Before you go out, make sure you have the complete kit to beat the heat. During your travels, it may be helpful to place a damp cloth on the forehead and neck for a few minutes, to lower your body temperature. Be careful though - this is something you should do when the vehicle is safely parked.

Store your clothes in a cooler with ice blocks, where you can also put water to drink during the journey. Remember to bring medicines for headaches and allergies, aloe vera gel and cap to protect your head from the sun's rays.

How to use the air conditioning correctly.

Hair-conditioning is one of the best allies to combat the summer heat, so make sure you use it correctly and that it works perfectly.

As soon as you enter the passenger compartment, the temperature is very high, which is why some truckers drive with the air conditioning on and the windows open. This is an incorrect practice, since there is a lot of energy waste. Instead,drive with the windows rolled up when you turn on the air conditioning to optimize performance.5-10 minutes before you arrive at your destination, turn the air conditioning down completely and roll down the windows, so you will gradually get used to the outside temperature.

Turn on the air conditioner for 10 consecutive minutes at least once a week, to keep the gas at the right pressure and optimize performance.

If you notice that your air conditioning malfunction, little air comes out or even tends to be hot, then something is wrong. maybe you need to recharge refrigerant gas, which is needed when it starts to run out.

Check the condition of the truck.

Avoiding the unexpected when driving a truck is certainly recommended in all seasons of the year, especially in summer. A Flat tire at a temperature of 40° is one of the worst nightmares for a trucker.

Before you depart, therefore, give him a good revision to all the most important components of the truck. It is better to lose a few more minutes before leaving, than to spend hours solving a problem that has occurred during the trip due to not having done the necessary checks beforehand.